Meet our Highland Cows

In the Spring of 2011 a beautiful Highland cow calf named Honey was born and in 2012 she was joined by a young calf named Hamish Dubh. Since then Honey has given birth to a young calf named Holly and the three of them now live in harmony next to the Trossachs Visitor Centre, where everyone is welcome to come along and admire the wonderful animals. You can even feed them yourselves with our freshly made goodie bags available in-store.

Did you know?

Highland Cows are the oldest cattle breed in the world. The first mention of the Highland cow was in the 6th century. However, the Highland Cattle Society was formed in 1884, and the first herd wasn’t officially recorded until a year after that. They originated in the Scottish Highlands and on the Western isles of Scotland, but they can now be found all over the world in destinations like Australia, Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Highland Cattle are born and bred to deal with the extreme weather conditions of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. They are very hardy but very gentle in nature. There are still working herds or ‘folds’ throughout Scotland. Highland Cattle have no layer of fat to keep them warm and instead have an extra coat which also maintains weatherproofing. The coat is shed in the spring in preparation for the better weather!

The long fringe or ‘dossan’ keeps the driving wind and rain out of their eyes in the winter and the sun and insects in the summer months.

Archaeological evidence places Highland cattle back in the 6th century. They are the oldest pedigree breed in the world and the Highland Cattle Society’s first herd dates to back to 1884.

How to Find Us

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